Power Virtual

Responds quickly to the needs of your clients and employees

Power Virtual Agents is a tool integrated into Power Platform that allows you to create virtual assistants that help solve problems with slow human workflows.

The chatbots allow you to engage with your clients and employees in any conversation and easily resolve everyday issues so your team can focus on complex issues.


  • Responds quickly to client and employee needs using smart chatbots.

  • Builds powerful bots quickly, using automation, AI and a low-code collaborative graphical interface, with no training required.

  • Deploys bots securely using central management and security roles across all environments to maintain compliance and governance.

  • Automatically tracks critical KPIs and lets self-learning AI with natural language processing continuously improve your bots.

Our advanced specializations

  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Meetings and meeting rooms for Microsoft Teams
  • Threat Protection
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Adoption and change Management
  • Identity and access management
  • Custom Solutions for Microsoft Teams
  • Information protection and governance

Why choose Softeng?

We have more than 12 years of experience in the Microsoft cloud that endorse us as the specialist ally in maximizing its power, investing more than 2 million euros a year in R&D to offer you our own solutions, so that you advance with security in your business objectives.