Power Apps

Create business applications quickly and agilely

PowerApps, within Power Platform, enables you to build business applications that easily connect to data, use logical expressions like Excel, and work on most web browsers and mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows).

With PowerApps, business people can create their own applications autonomously and according to their needs, through simple visual forms that allow them to display and enter data from different information sources, both inside and outside Microsoft 365.


  • Quickly builds business apps that connect to your business data.

  • Offers comprehensive business logic and workflow capabilities to transform manual business operations to digital and automated processes.

  • Quickly builds and shares business apps with little to no code using pre-built templates.

  • Allows developers to interact with data and metadata programmatically, applies business logic, creates custom connectors, and integrates with external data.

Our advanced specializations

  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Meetings and meeting rooms for Microsoft Teams
  • Threat Protection
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Adoption and change Management
  • Identity and access management
  • Custom Solutions for Microsoft Teams
  • Information protection and governance

Why choose Softeng?

We have more than 12 years of experience in the Microsoft cloud that endorse us as the specialist ally in maximizing its power, investing more than 2 million euros a year in R&D to offer you our own solutions, so that you advance with security in your business objectives.