Cloud is our passion People, our engine.

Our mission motivates us

We accompany our clients by maximizing the power of the cloud to drive digital innovation with security and intelligence.

Our vision drives us

Ensure that all companies with the ambition to excel continuously adopt digital innovation, remaining safe to progress and remain competitive.

Our purpose move us

Help create a more digital, secure and sustainable world.

Our path to success

We were founded in 1997 with the clear vocation of supporting those companies that understood digital innovation to be a competitive advantage. And since then, we have not stopped working, improving and innovating to achieve it.


We created Softeng. At that time, a technology consulting company dedicated to software development, systems maintenance and online projects.


We achieved our first major success in research and development with the introduction of our “Internet Mail Gateway” software, which enjoyed its greatest popularity at the end of the year when it was marketed to companies throughout Spain and much of Europe.

We also received the Ministry of Industry’s Research and Development Award.


We were accredited for the first time as a Microsoft Partner and we also became a Microsoft Certified Partner.


We were recognized by Microsoft as a Gold Certified Partner, positioning ourselves as the absolute leader.


Softeng Portal Builder was the first Azure success story in Spain. It was also presented by Steve Ballmer as the world’s first CMS running on that platform. In addition, we began to exclusively offer Microsoft Cloud-related services.


We received the Best Cloud Application in Spain Award from Microsoft.


The Ministry of Science and Innovation qualified Softeng Portal Builder as an innovative platform and recognized its continuous evolution.


We won the Excellence Partner of the Year award.


We were a Partner of the Year Awards finalist.


We received the award for Best Managed Services Partner.


We were Cybersecurity Partner finalists.

years being a Microsoft Partner
average revenue growth since 2017
average annual investment in R&D

The values that define us


We have more than 25 years of experience and technological know-how with a team of cloud technology experts, accredited by Microsoft. What we do, we have been doing well for more than 25 years.


Always side by side with our clients, guiding and assisting them, mindful of their priorities and anticipating their needs to offer them maximum value.


The long-term relationships we maintain with our clients help us to constantly detect and suggest opportunities for improvement.


We create our own solutions and products that simplify complexity and facilitate adoption to maximize the power of Microsoft Cloud.


We are motivated to build long-term relationships of trust with our clients, and we achieve this with a stable team of talented individuals.

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