News30 January, 20132 min de lectura

Vueling is uploaded to the cloud successfully Softeng hand

The Vueling airline has opted for Softeng for the implementation of the unified cloudMicrosoft Lync Online communication tool

Lync online as part of the family of products that make up the suite of productivity in the cloud, Office 365, provides the company with a great improvement of their internal communications, optimizing your email and offering them the possibility of videoconferences; that translates into an increase of the productivity of the employees and a reduction in costs for the company.

Vueling Softeng chose as a partner of Cloud services, as one of the companies with more experience in complex deployments of Office 365 and has expressed its satisfaction with benefits is getting platform both Softeng services.

The project arose when from the areas of IT and human resources at Vueling was detected excessive use of e-mail and face-to-face meetings, posing an increasing of the costs of management and productivity under the employees.

Vueling evaluated solutions from Microsoft and Google and decided to go for Lync Online, not only because their benefits conform more to their needs but because, in the words of Joan Corominas, IT manager of communications and systems of information security at Vueling, “our user posts is Microsoft Windows and the Office suite is Microsoft Office. We are looking for that for users outside a deployment as natural as possible, fully integrated with their working tools”.