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Vía Célere, building a Zero Trust security strategy with the support of Softeng

Vía Célere, construyendo una estrategia de seguridad Zero Trust con el acompañamiento de Softeng

Vía Célere is a real estate company specializing in the development, investment and management of residential assets. Thanks to its innovative business model and team of professionals, Vía Célere is today the company of reference in the new environment and real estate cycle.

Be aware to become aware

The sophistication of cyber threats and their impact on organizations in a hybrid digital work environment has made companies increasingly aware of the importance of cybersecurity in a digitally driven world , but there is still a long way to go. in front of. Vía Célere is one of the companies that is leading the way in adopting an advanced level of cybersecurity following a Zero Trust strategy.

Initially, Vía Célere had some basic and traditional security measures (such as antivirus and antimalware) and after carrying out an internal and external security audit, they observed the need for more advanced measures to detect, prevent and respond to possible incidents of cybersecurity . It is then that they become aware of the importance of implementing security measures on all surfaces vulnerable to attacks.


From Vía Célere they define a cybersecurity roadmap that includes the creation of a CISO office, a Security Master Plan and a Business Continuity Plan, together with the implementation of a plan to implement measures recommended by Softeng – deployed to through its security solutions packaged according to priorities – to protect identity surfaces, devices, applications, data and infrastructure, comprehensively covering all the needs for detection and prevention of threats and security incidents.

It is worth highlighting the deployment of personalized security policies according to the extensive typology of Vía Célere users and their needs, who in a hybrid work model need to connect to the corporate environment in a safe and flexible way; whenever and wherever. From users working in offices, users on the go, users with personal devices (BYOD), to external users who also connect to the corporate environment.

“In recent years we have focused very specifically on the field of cybersecurity and we have taken a huge step in reaching an advanced level of security. Softeng has been by our side in this process and we highly value the high technical knowledge of its team, the trust they give us and the added value that their support gives us in all projects.”

José María Sánchez-Cid, IT Director at Vía Célere



Zero Trust, the path is made by walking

Currently, Vía Célere has consolidated an internal digital security culture, empowering users to function safely in a hybrid work environment.

And, together with the support of Softeng, it has reached an advanced level of security, managing alerts from Microsoft 365 and Azure on a daily and centralized basis through Softeng’s CSP Portal , and applying a more advanced management layer with Microsoft Sentinel to orchestrate all events from different sources and data sources in a scalable way leveraging the Microsoft cloud.

Looking to the future, and following its Zero Trust security strategy, Vía Célere will continue its path covering not only the detection and prevention of cyber threats, but also applying intelligence and automation to guarantee a rapid and precise response to each of the potential cybersecurity attacks and incidents.

project keys

  • The definition of a tailored plan with a fluid implementation process between Vía Célere and Softeng.
  • The high involvement of Vía Célere employees, driven by the IT area, to achieve a successful, efficient deployment in record time.
  • The accompaniment and expertise of Softeng in security solutions in the Microsoft cloud.


Customer’s opinion:

José María Sánchez-Cid, IT Director of Vía Célere , shares its first-hand experience on how they are following a Zero Trust security model with the support of Softeng, in an interview conducted by José Antonio Cano, Research Director of IDC Spain, at the ‘IDC-IDG Cybersecurity Digital Forum 2022’, the largest digital event on cybersecurity in Spain. Inside video!