News3 September, 20152 min de lectura

The Aritex Group increases employee productivity thanks to Office 365 Softeng

The Aritex (Comsa Emte) Group has become one of the most prestigious international groups in its main sectors of activity, the supply of industrial facilities for the automotive and aerospace sector. The company chose Office 365 to improve productivity of its nearly 300 users, relying on Softeng and starting the implementation of the messaging system in Microsoft Exchange Online cloud.

Aritex consists of a headquarters in Badalona and several offices distributed geographically in China, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and Pamplona. Prior to the introduction of Exchange Online, the group needed to redesign the structure of your Active Directory to integrate all their delegations.


Jorge Riaza, Director Aritex IT Group, said so about the project: “We needed to redesign the structure of Active Directory to integrate all delegations of the group and then introduce several products in the suite of Office 365. To do this, we needed a partner with the necessary confidence to tackle the project with the maximum guarantee and found Softeng experience. Indeed, Softeng helped us make a smooth transition to the cloud without significant problems and solving efficiently the challenges posed, feeling good company throughout time. Currently we continue working with them on new projects with total satisfaction. “