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Summary of the second day of Microsoft WPC in which participates Softeng

Second day of Microsoft

On the second day of the annual conference of partners of Microsoft ( WPC ) attendees were able to enjoy a multitude of sessions and talks on subjects that represent products and topicality of the Redmond company.


The conference is being held these days in Orlando, has dedicated the day to a wide range of sessions and talks given by experts in which Microsoft has accommodated all technologies driven by the company: Cloud services, mobility, Windows 10 and new paradigms such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or virtual reality … Also, the partners have had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas and knowledge with partners from more than 150 countries and establish and strengthen the relationship with Microsoft and specialists responsible for each area of ​​interest.


Segunda jornada de Microsoft

The Spanish partners have had the opportunity to establish a first contact with the new president of Microsoft in Spain, Pilar Lopez, who takes the place of Mary Garaña for a few months. The president has together involved a small group of partners including Carlos Colell, CEO of Softeng was at a round table in which they discussed strategic issues for the new fiscal year and how Microsoft can help us still get better results .

During the meeting, our CEO has had the opportunity to meet the new president personally and explain firsthand the bet is doing Softeng by the cloud, how did the transformation of the company and the reasons why we decided to give the Cloud step.


The round table also participated the Director of the Division of Business and Partners Microsoft, Juanjo Love.

Segunda jornada de Microsoft