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Softeng participates in the Partner Day roundtable as a finalist in the 2017 Microsoft Inspire Awards

Partner Day 2017

As part of the celebration of Microsoft Partner Day , the annual event that brings together Microsoft partners in Spain, a round table was held in which our CEO , Carlos Colell, participated together with Avanade and Kabel, representing Softeng as a finalist in the 2017 Microsoft Inspire Awards.

During the meeting, Antonio Budía, sales director and distribution channel of Microsoft, explained that SOFTENG has shown that it is not necessary to be a giant of the systems to succeed in the sale of cloud solutions. Next, our CEO explained the keys of SOFTENG to achieve it, basing his exposure on 5 key points:

  • Bet on the cloud: In 2010 SOFTENG started with Azure migrating its Portal Builder product. From there, in 2011 decided to start focusing on the cloud, gradually transitioning services until 2013 and announcing in 2014 the end of on-premise services, something that surprised the whole team, but now with hindsight, everyone recognizes as a complete success.
  • Own IP: Another key element is SOFTENG’s commitment to value and intellectual property services instead of offering clients outsourcing of people.
  • Team: Carlos stressed that one of Softeng’s keys is to take care of his team with protection, courage, respect, training and helping them to promote innovation.
  • Do not stay in the comfort zone: Carlos pointed out that out of comfort is where the magic is to keep moving forward.
  • Consistent: And finally, always be faithful to our philosophy of focusing on the type of clients that value the services we offer.

Partner Day 2017

Antonio Budía also asked if it is possible to operate nationally and internationally with a small structure or if it is better to focus on nearby and more controlled environments. In this sense, Carlos pointed out that in general customers prefer local partners, although on the other hand, there are no execution problems in the cloud since there are no barriers or the need to physically go to a customer’s offices. However, he pointed out that going to look for clients abroad when in this country there is so much to do is not part of the SOFTENG strategy.

Finally, Carlos explained that the company’s strategy for the next few months at a general level will be to continue investing in its own IP, one of the key points to provide even more value to our customers who are committed to the cloud.


The Microsoft partner Day, which has brought together nearly 300 technology companies this year, has focused on the analysis of digital transformation, with a special focus on trust, security and privacy. Pilar López, President of Microsoft in Spain, stressed that the company will continue to work with the industry, with its partners and customers to ensure the security and protection of the privacy of their data.

Partner Day 2017