News28 October, 20141 min de lectura

Softeng demonstrates how to boost your business through the web

Softeng Portal Builder is a productivity platform in the cloud that will help you grow your business through the web, making it a profitable site.

Get a higher number of visitors, improve converting visitors to leads and enjoys autonomy and productivity in managing their sites.

  More opportunities

  • Get more visitors to your website without investing in advertising.
  • Increase converting visitors to leads.
  • Exploit the power of social networks.


  • Easily manage the structure of your website.
  • Analyze visitor behavior and adjust web needs.
  • Develop and extend your web.


  • Easily upgrade the contents from your own site.
  • Spread your website in several languages ​​keeping just one.
  • Compose new pages visually.

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud, for medium and large companies, a national and adaptable to each company manufacturer.