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Softeng, among the elite of Microsoft Partners with the new official designations

The partner program (Microsoft Partner Network) has evolved into the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. So the competency-based model (Silver and Gold) is no longer in force (and Advanced Specializations have been renamed simply Specializations), giving rise to a new program that officially certifies its partners through designations around six Microsoft cloud-aligned solution areas: Modern Work, Infrastructure (Azure), Security, Data and AI (Azure), Digital and Application Innovation (Azure), and Enterprise Applications.

With this change, Microsoft has also set more stringent certification requirements to ensure a high level of technology literacy and expertise from its partners.

One of the most qualified Microsoft partners

With the aim of adapting to the new program to continue being one of the most qualified Microsoft partners, at Softeng we have achieved 5 of the 6 official designations and maintained the 9 Specializations (formerly Advanced Specializations); and we are on our way to the sixth. In short, a level of certification that no Spanish company has achieved to date.

On the one hand, our entire team has demonstrated its high technological training by meeting the demanding requirements of each of the new Microsoft designations. And, on the other hand, we have demonstrated the experience and growth required with our clients, accompanying companies with digital ambition to safely advance their business objectives.

Microsoft designations - Softeng

Modern work: We have a team of elite experts who combine high technological knowledge and expertise in the cloud together with business vision. All this allows us to accompany our clients with agility and proactivity, understanding their needs and priorities, to maximize the potential of Microsoft 365 tools and applications, and thus boost productivity, collaboration and flexibility. Learn more >

Cloud infrastructure: As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP partner, we have a team of expert Azure engineers who help our clients enable a flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure, which allows accelerating the agile deployment of Microsoft cloud solutions and applications. in an integrated way. Learn more >

Security: We master the Microsoft cloud security solutions platform, which allows us to protect all assets, both in hybrid and multicloud environments. All this with a team of experts capable of facing the most complex cybersecurity challenges to detect, prevent and respond in an agile, efficient and intelligent way to vulnerabilities, threats and attacks. Learn more >

Data & AI: We help to optimally manage data throughout its life cycle, creating analytical and artificial intelligence solutions to maximize its potential. All this with the aim of turning them into business insights, innovating faster and reducing time-to-decision with valuable information to make better decisions. Learn more >

Digital & Apps innovation: We accompany and guide our clients in the creation of solutions and tools that increase efficiency, improve modern work and help scale new business models, with the aim of driving digital innovation, staying competitive and advancing with security. Learn more >

All this positions us as one of the most qualified Microsoft Cloud Top Partners in Europe and reinforces our leadership in digitization and cybersecurity solutions.


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