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SharePoint 2013: The most relevant developments coming in the new version

The past July 17 Microsoft announced that the Preview of the new version of the SharePoint 2013, also known as SharePoint Server 15 collaboration platform was already available.

SharePoint 2013 presents a simplified user experience that helps organize, synchronize and share the entire contents of your company. Its new social capabilities make it easier to share ideas.

These are some of the innovations that brings with it the new version of SharePoint 2013:








New user experience
The new version of the collaboration platform presents a simple and clean appearance. SharePoint 2013 provides quick access to documents with engaging experiences to save documents, edit lists, share content or sites. With new features you can share documents and update content from your mobile phone or tablet.









Corporate social networks
Improvement of the tools of collaborative SharePoint through the incorporation of new functionalities to create corporate social networks. SharePoint 2013 introduces the ‘Community’, a social network concept with walls of microblogging (in the style of Facebook) and some additional features like for example the management of the reputation of individuals. We will also have the option of linking third-party such as Flickr, or LinkedIn services to use them as sources of content for our documents.
Thanks to the acquisition of Yammer by Microsoft, Sharepoint 2013 will integrate features of this Social network of which we’ll discuss later.

Manage your projects underway
The company will incorporate the tool Microsoft Project as a new product in Office 365 and integrates with SharePoint and Outlook to organize your projects, getting that your organization can have the same visibility and incorporating new capabilities to manage tasks in team.

SkyDrive Pro
SharePoint 2013 offers the functionality of already known in the Skydrive cloud services at consumer level but with professional features. According to Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft SharePoint, “Skydrive Pro will make it easier to share documents in SharePoint. Store, sync, share and collaborate will be as simple as dragging and dropping”. Also features Pro reinforces integration with social reder, collaboration, search, management of metadata, workflows, and legal compliance. SkyDrive Pro forma part of SharePoint Online platform in Sharepoint Server 2013 as Office 365.

Cloud App Model
One of the important news that implies a significant change in level of user experience, are the so-called “Cloud App Model”, a new model of application development that will allow us to create SharePoint Apps. The Apps are small easy-to-use solutions and which conform to the specific needs of users. Users will have the option of installing Apps directly from a SharePoint Marketplace which may be public or private company. The accommodation of these applications may be in Azure, in the own SharePoint or a combination of the two solutions.

Fast Search server
2013 SharePoint Server will include Fast Search server as a product integrated with enterprise search platform and presents developments in engines of inquiry with which you can customize and limit your search to get more relevant results.

Windows Azure
SharePoint 2013 has a much more complete integration with Windows Azure and thus improved the scalability and the sizing of the infrastructure of the product.

Improvement of the user experience on mobile devices
Improvements in visualization and compatibility between different devices: Windows Phone, and in general from other mobile platforms from Windows 8.

In future articles, I will be explaining our findings as we are working with this pre-release version of SharePoint 2013. Until now, with barely a week’s work with this version, the sensations are great ?