News3 September, 20121 min de lectura

Note from the CEO of SOFTENG

After months of continuous presentations and surprising acquisitions, Microsoft is preparing for the most important wave of releases in its history.

In the coming weeks, in addition to the expected 8 Windows, you will have the opportunity to know the major improvements to Office 365 suite and take advantage now new capability of the Microsoft, Windows Azure, cloud platform to allow to extend our corporate network by moving and/or creating new servers in the cloud, instead of having to buy hardwarebear it and suffer the cost of your electricity consumption.

On Softeng we have spent months working with prerelease versions of these technologies and we can not wait any longer. Now the time to tell you!

Just after the global launch of Windows 8, the next 31 October, Microsoft and Softeng held an event to discover how this new era of solutions can help your company to become more competitive. Next week you will receive the invitation and the agenda of the event, so encourage you to join us and the day you book you will not regret!

Greetings and thank you very much,

Carlos Colell.