News14 February, 20121 min de lectura

Microsoft updates Office 365: Lync Online already can record meetings and conferences

Thanks to the recent update Lync Server 2010, Lync Online users can record meetings, Conference sessions and calls.

To make use of these new features should perform the following actions:

    • Enter our Office 365 subscription administration portal and click on the link “administration of Lync Online.”
    • Since the administration of Lync Online, we go to the users section and edit one of the available users.
    • As we can see, appear new options that allows us to enable the recording of meetings and Conference through a new configuration panel for user allows you to enable / disable this ability individually and configure other parameters such as the transmission of files via instant messaging or make audio and video calls.

For more information about how to record the lectures of Lync Online, see link: