News3 October, 20121 min de lectura

MICROSOFT and SOFTENG invite you to the event “Following the road to competitiveness”

Specialists in the areas of Office 365 , Microsoft Cloud Computing and SOFTENG will talk about the benefits that brings the cloud to companies in terms of productivity and reduction of costs with Azure and Office 365. In the event we will have the collaboration of MIC Productivity, the center of innovation in productivity of Microsoft, which will deal with the issue of the economic impact of the jump to the cloud.

In this event, designed for business decision makers and it managers, attendees will have the opportunity to discover without technicalities as the combination of Office 365, Portal Builder and the new ability to move entire servers to Azure, helps companies to reduce the cost of its infrastructure, increase their productivity and improve the capacity for innovation. In addition, attendees will have the chance to see in action the new Windows 8 and win a Nokia 800 Lumia and a Voyager Pro UC of Plantronics, a new way of working and communicating.

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