News1 June, 20122 min de lectura

Google gets seriously bad practices in SEO

Google launched last April 24, Google Penguin, a new algorithm which came into force simultaneously for the searches in any language, developed to fight WebSpam (bad practices in order to attract the largest number of visitors) and penalize a web site sobre-optimización.

Penguin, measured by the overall quality of the content of a web site, and penalized with low search results to websites that do not meet the quality Google Webmaster guidelines ensuring optimum results.


What it pursues Google Penguin?

  • The sobre-optimización, i.e. overloading the content of our website with excess of bold, Keywords or internal links.
  • The creation of inconsistent content pages only to position in a key word.
  • The placement of hidden content (texts or links) not visible to users of the website but for robots, to be favored by the search engines
  • Participation in the so-called “link farms”, links of sites totally different theme and the purchase of links on web sites of dubious quality with the aim of improving the Page rank of your web site.
  • Copying content through Web Scraping techniques and pass it as their own.

In short, we can say, that the SEO through bad practices has ended and now the important thing is the quality and originality of the content.