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Boost your business through the web with the new version of Portal Builder


Portal Builder Softeng drive your business through your website, making it a more profitable site:

  1. Business: Getting more visitors and conversions.
  2. Autonomy: Managing the site and making corrections based on user behavior.
  3. Productivity: Creating and disseminating content automatically in several languages.

Focus What’s new in this version?

The new version of Portal Builder features a revamped interface and even easier to help you create and manage more profitable web sites with high productivity and full autonomy. And thanks to Portal Builder is l cloud and Premium customers enjoy all the improvements in comfort and automatically, without additional costs or licensing migration.

What improvements included?


  • You can easily update the content from the web site itself while you browse.
  • With the new composition, you can create a very simple and impressive complete front pages.
  • Visually Analyze your visitors behavior more accurately and optimize conversions.
  • Now you can create and add powerful custom widgets and drag them from the tree, automatically adapting them to the page.


  • Share on social networks your content through a single screen. Simply set up your accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and start enjoying the experience!


The aim is to show Softeng again our total commitment to innovation, providing business value to our customers with clear and tangible benefits.

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