January 12, 2015

Big Brother is uploaded to Azure successfully hand Softeng

Big Brother is uploaded to Azure successfully hand Softeng
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The television producer has chosen Microsoft Azure to host the website of your program Big Brother VIP and its current edition. To do this, he has returned to bet on Softeng as partner of cloud services.

Zeppelin TV is a leading Spanish audiovisual production company that covers all types of television genres and has successful productions such as, Big Brother. The company is part of the Endemol Group, present in over 30 countries and creator of several successes in chains worldwide.

The company had outsourced the hosting of your website Big Brother in the Datacenter to an ISP with a non-scalable infrastructure with continuous outages especially in the days when television galas were issued. All these problems caused the producer decides to migrate your website to Microsoft Azure, a robust and scalable platform that has offered greater guarantees Zeppelin TV service availability and total security.

Another of the reasons why TV Zeppelin decided to jump into the cloud of Microsoft was the need to reduce costs: With Azure have managed to house their web without investment in infrastructure and no hardware maintenance costs and energy, obtaining almost 80% savings over the previous hosting solution.

Miguel Angel Hernandez, Director of IT Zeppelin Tv, thought well about the project: "With the help of Softeng have migrated the websites of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother to Azure, having achieved its full availability in times of increased activity, coincident with the issuance of the galas and the next day, which is vital in keeping with the commitment to our audience for us. And thanks to the solution in the cloud of Microsoft, we can adapt the infrastructure to our calendar and real needs at all times, without having to bear the costs of maintaining hardware and energy and getting almost 80% of direct cost savings operations. "

Softeng, your trusted partner

This project has helped Softeng TV Zeppelin performing a migration and implementation of both the Big Brother website and the website of the VIP edition in a few weeks with no problem.

Now in its day, the producer chose Softeng as service partner Microsoft cloud by experience I had in Office 365 and Azure, and thanks to the satisfaction of the group to date, will not hesitate to return to bet on Softeng for this project .

Published by Softeng on 12 January 2015


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