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We are Microsoft's Top Cloud Partner

We have been exclusively dedicated to Microsoft Cloud since 2010 and are one of Microsoft's most qualified partners in Europe, a specialist in digitalization and cybersecurity.

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Our skills

We have an elite team of experts with more than 300 official Microsoft certifications.

  • Gold Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Gold Collaboration and Content
  • Gold Application Development
  • Gold Aplication Integration
  • Gold Windows and Devices
  • Gold Data Platform
  • Gold Data Analytics
  • Gold Project and Portfolio Management
  • Gold Datacenter
  • Gold Messaging
  • Gold DevOps
  • Gold DevOps
  • Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Gold Communications
  • Gold Enterprise Mobility Management

Our advanced specializations

  • Windows Server and SQL Server Migration

  • Adoption and change Management

  • Teamwork Deployment

  • Identity and access management

  • Meetings and meeting rooms for Microsoft Teams

  • Custom Solutions for Microsoft Teams

  • Threat Protection

  • Information Protection and Governance

  • Azure Virtual Desktop


"Softeng is one of the leading expert partners in the digitization of the workplace, collaboration environments, infrastructure modernization and security in the Cloud."
Cristina Lanzagorta
Microsoft Partner Director (2021)

    Premio International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP)

  • Cybersecurity partner finalist

    Finalist Best Cybersecurity Partner

  • Best Managed Services Partner

    Best Managed Service Partner

  • Partner of the Year

    Finalist Partner of the Year

  • Mejor Partner Cloud

    Best Cloud Partner

We are specialists in the
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