Seguridad informática

Max Global Defense

We detect and respond to cyber incidents, wherever your assets are, maximizing the protection of your business so that you can move forward without fear.

Protect your company with our cybersecurity experts

Max Global Defense

We offer you a global defense against security incidents, protecting all your digital assets and detecting vulnerabilities and threats to any of your infrastructures, devices, data, applications and users, wherever they are.

Choose from 3 service levels depending on the protection, detection and response capabilities that you wish to delegate to us, and get the right combination of Softeng Max Platform's smart tools, expert services and accelerators with maintenance included.

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Our main accelerators

Softeng Max Accelerators allow you to incorporate new digital capabilities to move forward faster. In addition, once deployed, we also take care of adjusting and maintaining them so that you can forget about the continuous changes to Microsoft 365.

One drives. Together they maximize.

It complements the 3 Softeng Max services to maximize the power of Microsoft Cloud and move forward faster and more securely:

Max Digital Workplace

Max Digital Workplace

We help you continuously modernize, protect and govern your work environment, maximizing all the possibilities of Microsoft 365.

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Max Intelligent Cloud

Max Intelligent Cloud

We guide you to continuously modernize, protect and govern your infrastructure, apps and data, maximizing the intelligence of Microsoft Azure so that you can move forward securely.

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Casos de éxito

Office 365 success story: Vueling chooses Softeng as a Cloud services partner

  • "For the implementation of the solution we were working with several providers and in the end we opted for Softeng, due to the experience they had in implementations with other clients. It turned out to be a fairly quick and problem-free implementation, including training."
    Samuel Lacarta
    IT Manager at Vueling
  • "With Softeng we have managed to meet the expectations of the project, complying with the planned timings and simplifying IT management. We highlight its high technological knowledge of the Microsoft cloud and, above all, its proactive support model when it comes to recommending decisions during the project. process with solid arguments, and providing us with the agility and flexibility we need in the face of changes in the company's priorities or needs."
    Ricard Fideu
    IT Manager at Ediciones Urano
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Why choose Softeng?

We have more than 12 years of experience in the Microsoft cloud that endorse us as the specialist ally in maximizing its power, investing more than 2 million euros a year in R&D to offer you our own solutions, so that you advance with security in your business objectives.

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