Secure Digital Transformation: Discover the keys to master Microsoft Teams and avoid clutter in your teams

Dec 2, 2021
12:00 PM
Evento digital: Evita el desorden de tus equipos con Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a tool designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of work teams in any company. There is no doubt that it is an exceptionally useful platform, focused on improving communication and collaboration through the organization of collaborative work in teams.

However, the uncontrolled use of its functionalities can result in a chaotic growth of teams and redundant and disorganized content; generating a waste of resources and causing confusion among users. Effective governance of Microsoft Teams through clear guidelines can make the difference between an effective collaborative environment and a poorly organized and unproductive digital wasteland.

In this digital event we will reveal the keys to define good practices that meet the needs of any organization and we will see how we can all participate to maintain a well-cared and organized environment.

Following the events of the series on Secure Digital Transformation, we will provide a practical and dynamic vision of these tips, delving into the day-to-day situations of any Teams user and showing how to solve them with the tools that the application offers us.

Event schedule

In this event you will have the opportunity to discover without technicalities:

  • Problems arising from the uncontrolled use of Microsoft Teams.
  • How to raise the control of Teams in your organization.
  • DEMO: Good practices to avoid the disorder of your equipment.
  • Get the most out of Microsoft 365.
  • Question Time.

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