Secure Digital Transformation: How to improve the security of your company and be more cyber-resilient, using artificial intelligence from Microsoft

Jul 27, 2021
12:00 PM
Evento digital: Seguridad a través de la inteligencia artificial de Microsoft.

The digital transformation and the growth of cloud services expand the attack surfaces for companies, increasing the risk of suffering security incidents. This reality requires organizations to implement more security measures, causing, now that they already have visibility, IT departments to be overwhelmed due to the large volume of alerts to manage.

When an incident occurs, you have to act quickly and with precision, and this is where cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are closely related. Thanks to Microsoft 365, we have the ability to protect ourselves, detect, respond to and recover from security threats, which in recent times have increased in number and complexity.

In the previous event we taught you how to discover security threats thanks to Microsoft 365, and in this one, we will show you how to protect ourselves against information breaches and leaks in a sophisticated way, automating alert management thanks to artificial intelligence.

Event schedule

Aimed at IT and security managers, in this event you will have the opportunity to discover:

  • Security threats detected thanks to Microsoft 365.
  • Why is cyber-resilience key to protecting yourself against security threats?
  • DEMO: How to increase security thanks to artificial intelligence?
  • Question time.

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