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Yammer, the corporate social network for your company

Yammer.png The market leader in the business and property of Microsoft, corporate social network already has more than 8 million corporate users.

Yammer pursues collaboration between all workers in a company, creating a space for fluid and bidirectional communication, incorporating principles of interaction network similar to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

One of its biggest benefits is the increased productivity that offers companies to expedite the process of internal communication of these, over traditional systems such as meetings, email, etc … However, it has many other benefits such as :

  • Improved communication within the company, providing communication in real, fluent and spontaneous time.
  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction, reducing the need to send emails and conduct meetings.
  • Fostering collaboration and natural participation among employees, innovate, discover new ideas, new creative ways to collaborate, etc …
  • Knowledge management helps consolidate and share in an instant among employees
  • Improved corporate environment and helps companies manage their corporate communications.
  • Team building or decentralized people



Yammer capabilities
Thanks to the features included, Yammer improves teamwork and greater visibility of the projects of the company. Here are some of their skills;

  • Collaborate and interact: employees of the company can interact with each other just as they do on other networks: sharing links, images, videos, files and use protocols similar to Twitter interaction (mention other users by @ before name). They can also track (users, groups, and documents), send public or private messages and indicate their approval of other publications and comment.
  • Groups: Yammer gives you the ability to create flexible spaces collaborative work teams for all company employees and even to share with outsiders. You can create similar pages known “Fan Page” on Facebook for each project with all information related to this, post events on the agenda (meeting delivery milestones, training sessions, etc ..), surveys with results Real and maintain snapshots to answer questions or make decisions quickly time conversations.
  • Mobility and accessibility: Yammer can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, since all the information is in the cloud and is accessible in real time. The network has its mobile app in versions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.
  • SharepointYammer.png Integration with SharePoint Online: Yammer is integrated with SharePoint Online through the Office productivity suite 365 and within the Enterprise contracts. Users can replace the newsfeed (newsfeed) SharePoint Online by Yammer, thus improving the social experience providing SharePoint to date.

Yammer allows companies to adapt quickly to market changes, breaking the geographical and organizational barriers and opening new channels of communication and access to information that will enhance productivity and labor relations of employees.


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