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Withdrawal of Skype for Business Plan 1

Plan 1 de Skype empresarial descontinuado

In the middle of last year Microsoft announced the merger between Skype Empresarial and Teams with the aim of gradually turning Teams into the main client for ” Intelligent Communications ” in Office 365 . With this new vision, the company intends to offer a single tool that allows to complete communication tasks in a more effective way, with the minimum change of context, allowing its users to participate in more productive meetings and organizing daily communication much better.

As a result of this merger process, Microsoft announced a few days ago the discontinuation of Skype for Business Plan 1 that will no longer be available for sale on August 1. Therefore, customers who have this type of subscription, once the date of renewal of these , should acquire a compatible plan.

There are several alternatives to migrate to a new plan. However, the most advantageous option in terms of price and benefits is to move to the Office 365 F1 plan, which has a price of € 3.40 and with which you can benefit from Office online, Teams, web mail, SharePoint Online and Stream .

Softeng customers can check the renewal date of their subscriptions through our portal.

New communication skills in Microsoft Teams
One of the first steps of this merger has been to improve communication capabilities in Teams by introducing Skype business features such as:

  • Plan 1 de Skype empresarial descontinuado Scheduled meetings
  • Outlook calendars.
  • Call functions (including incoming and outgoing PSTN numbers).
  • Wait functions, call transfers and voicemail.
  • Waiting room for the meeting for the participants.
  • Unified presence states between Teams and Skype for Business (Available, busy or in a call).
  • Incorporation of Skype for Business contacts to Teams.
  • Interoperability between Skype for Business and Teams (allowing users of the two tools to communicate).
  • Joint administration center for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business in Office 365, to facilitate the management of IT departments.

When the merger is complete, Microsoft Teams will become the central tool of intelligent communications in Office 365 , as well as a perfect teamwork space that will continue to unite large collaborative platform services such as SharePoint Online, Planner, Stream, Forms, Power BI, etc …

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