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What comes in SharePoint 2016

Te contamos lo que viene en SharePoint 2016

In the second quarter of 2016 we will enjoy the new version of the Microsoft collaboration platform, SharePoint 2016 and so you go making an idea of all improvements and new features we have prepared a summary of the highlights.

Broadly speaking we can say that the new version of SharePoint comes with important new addition to greater integration with Office 365 and improves hybrid models. Areas for improvement and new focus on: User Experience, integration and hybrid cloud security and compliance.



User Experience
Te contamos lo que viene en SharePoint 2016 Aware of the importance of mobility, Microsoft has sought to improve this aspect in the new version of SharePoint by offering a better user experience from mobile devices to access the content, people and applications.

These improvements offer file management and document collaboration unprecedented and simple touch experience and adapted to any device with new controls to simplify the way in which users interact with documents and list items. It has also improved onedrive to get it the natural center of the files and enhanced file support up to 10GB in size as well as preview images and videos.

In addition, the new version come with a similar application launcher that gives us Office 365 and facilitates users to launch applications from the top navigation bar.

Te contamos lo que viene en SharePoint 2016


Hybrid Cloud Integration
One of the most important news of the new version of SharePoint is the hybrid solution offers us to combine Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online for companies that do not yet have their cloud services can benefit from the performance capabilities and reliability is.

The integration offers a new feature of hybrid search through Delve Office that allows Office 365 users who also use local SharePoint, easy access to files stored in your company and in the cloud of Microsoft. The search engine indexing is done through Office 365 so dramatically reduces the work they have to perform local servers.


Te contamos lo que viene en SharePoint 2016

Another important new features offered by SharePoint 2016 is the improvement in IT management in integrating SharePoint Server with other products such as Exchange Server, SQL Server and Windows Server.



The enforcement is essential for organizations and affects these digital documents. It is for this reason that the new version includes many capabilities that ensure the protection of sensitive company information. New features include improved DLP (Data Loss Prevention), new scenarios encryption and improved compliance tools both on-premise SharePoint and SharePoint Online, which ensure that the actions of users on company documents meet this policy.

As a final conclusion we can say that this new version is very focused on being simple for users and to facilitate the work of IT administrators through advanced management capabilities. Since last August 24 Microsoft has released a preview version for managers who meet the most basic features in order to get real feedback before releasing the final version in the second quarter of 2016.

From Softeng, we are evaluating the new draft to know in depth and advise you in the best way possible.


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