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the most comprehensive business plan Office 365 is now available and advanced


La nueva versión empresarial de Office 365, E5

Now Available Office 365 Enterprise E5, the new Office 365 plan that offers a set of powerful capabilities that Microsoft has been proposed to promote the modernization of firms offering the plan productivity and more comprehensive communications and insurance whole family Office 365 plans.

Office 365 Enterprise E5 brings the full package Office 365 services with powerful new features combined with applications newly released Office 2016 and make collaboration between users easier than ever.

The main innovations can be grouped into three pillars:

  • Complete integrated solution for video conferencing with business Skype
  • Analysis tools and data visualization with Business Intelligence
  • advanced security

Then we go into detail on each of the new features:


Complete conferencing solution with the new capabilities of Skype business

The communications platform Office 365 reaches a new dimension by offering a unique platform for communication and collaboration with a simple user experience, incorporating: the possibility of online events for up to 10 thousand people (Skype meeting broadcast), Conference RTC and Switchboard cloud (cloud PBX).


Características del nuevo plan de Office 365, E5 Skype Broadcast Meeting
This new service allows a meeting over the Internet for up to 10,000 attendees can join from anywhere and from any device, and interact in the meeting.


Características del nuevo plan de Office 365, E5 RTC conferences
This new feature allows users invited to a meeting join them with a fixed or mobile phone through traditional phone access and no need for internet access.


Características del nuevo plan de Office 365, E5 Switchboard cloud
This service allows us to manage calls (receive and send calls, forward calls, voice mail) via skype business. At the moment in Spain the features of this new service are the basic services call waiting or music are not available.

Plans call is still hiring our usual supplier, currently in the US Microsoft is also offering calling plans but for the rest of the world there is still availability dates.


Analysis tools: Business Intelligence

These new capabilities give companies the ability to use the information available in the company of a simple way for the user through more interactive, simple and attractive thanks to Power Pro and Delve BI Analytics reports.

Power BI PRO
Power BI is the tool Microsoft Business Intelligence that enables the creation and display of advanced reports and dashboards from various data sources. The PRO version included in this plan allows us to publish a myriad of data models and integrate information from heterogeneous sources. This version increases the limit data capacity to 10GB (the free version is 1 Gb) offers greater power in updating data (up to 1 million rows per hour) and allows the use of collaboration tools Office 365 with whom you can share dashboards and custom reports with user groups.

La nueva versión empresarial de Office 365, E5

With Power BI Pro users have the ability and independence to exploit a very rich and powerful way the company information through natural language queries without the need for technical or statistical expertise, making it easier to identify risks and find new business opportunities that foster the growth of the company.


Delve Organizational Analytics

Delve is the intelligent search engine included in the current business plans Office 365, which gives company employees the information they need in a simple way, showing through work maps the information we have shared with others or what we have published documents. Now with Delve Analytics, included in the new plan, the service goes a step further by helping us to understand how we manage our own time, offering a service of real-time analysis of your interactions or your team (how many hours a week you been in meetings, how long you have dedicated e-mail ……) that helps companies better understand the operation of your business and improves the way workers interact.

La nueva versión empresarial de Office 365, E5

Delve analytics through a new Dashboard, graphs shows that collect data Calendar, Email, Skype communications and activity with teams Yammer.


advanced security

In Microsoft security and privacy of customer data is a maximum and therefore these new services the company still offers more control over data security with privacy, transparency and better controls for the user thanks to: Customer LockBox , Avanced Threat Protection and Equivio Analytics for eDiscovery

Customer Lockbox
With this new security capability the company offers an additional customers Office 365 with respect to data protection giving customers complete control of their data security.

With Customer Lockbox the client explicitly controls all access to your data, be they themselves who will have in their hands the possibility to authorize or deny, through the Management Console Office 365, access to Microsoft engineers when they, for specific reasons, they need access to the content customers for assistance or troubleshooting.


La nueva versión empresarial de Office 365, E5

From the management console Office 365 all access control activities will be recorded and may be monitored.


Advanced threat protection
Protection against advanced threats Exchange Online (ATP) is a mail filtering service based on the cloud that helps protect your company against any new type of sophisticated attack. It includes malware protection capabilities and protect against viruses and malicious URLs in real time. In addition, the ATP has advanced reporting and tracking capabilities URLs that provide IT managers an insight into the kind of attacks that are receiving the organization.

La nueva versión empresarial de Office 365, E5


Equivio Analytics for eDiscovery
eDiscovery is the service eDiscovery Office 365 with which companies can identify, retain and export content found in Office 365 with a view to an internal investigation of the company or a legal request. The new plan includes Equivio for eDiscovery Analytics, a solution that incorporates machine learning and text analysis that helps reduce the risks inherent in managing large amounts of data for e-Discovery. The solution learns how users search information to show the most relevant information.

Características del nuevo plan de Office 365, E5

This new plan complements the productivity that Microsoft offers with its plans Office 365 today, the E1, E3 and E4 plan providing new business value to Office 365. The plans can be combined with each other so that each user firm has adapted to use Office 365 plan.

Undoubtedly, once again, Microsoft shows that work hard constantly evolving and improving Office 365 in order to offer companies the best productivity experience


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