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The 10 Keys That Yammer Can Help Your Business Succeed

Las 10 claves para el éxito al crear una red social interna en tu empresa

Do you want real-time, fluid and spontaneous communication in your organization? When solving doubts, advancing projects or managing knowledge, using tools such as email and organizing meetings is not always the best solution.

Creating a collaborative social network in the company is not an easy task, regardless of the initial thrust that you want to give and the technology chosen to mount it. There will always be a series of resistances that must be overcome for adoption, use and consumption are desired. It implies a significant cultural change, and the transition to all kinds of employee profiles has to be facilitated as much as possible. We know that the new generations are more made to “the social”, but here we must all participate …

Fortunately, Microsoft Office 365’s Yammer is not only a ready-to-use platform and integrated into its family of online collaboration and productivity services, it also has a series of analytic panels and reports that can help us assess the status of Activity, engagement and adoption, among others.

What are the keys for Yammer to help your company succeed?

1- By its internal character . Being a controlled and secure network – we must not forget this point – we can easily find any companion of the organization, which will be located in the company’s mail accounts directory.

2- You can create thematic groups , which will help you to join teams or decentralized people. And they can be both private and public (as can be the messages you send). Not everything has to be within reach of the entire template. And speaking of template: Yammer allows us to incorporate people from outside the organization , for example, collaborators or customers.

3- Within Yammer it is possible to create pages with the most relevant information for each group or project. And post calendar events (meetings, delivery milestones, or training sessions) in a common Outlook calendar.

4- Can be used on any mobile device . And on the desks. Therefore, there are no restrictions related to the use of a particular model, Android operating system or iOS (iPhone or iPad), to mention the two most common.

5- It allows to upload files of different formats . Videos (those uploaded to the platform, from YouTube, Vimeo, Office 365 V Las 10 claves para el éxito al crear una red social interna en tu empresa Ideo or Microsoft Stream), PDF, links … and of course Microsoft Office (Word, Excel …). The latter can not only be opened in preview, but can also be modified directly from Yammer.

6- Provides native integration with SharePoint Online (for Enterprise contracts). This allows you to create contextualized conversations with relevant content.

7- By gamification . As in a social network “in use”, likes, or send badges can be scored, so that it is possible to reward achievements or encourage the sharing of ideas.

8- For the surveys , which you can easily create, which undoubtedly invites participation among colleagues. And, in addition, you will have the results in real time .

9- You can follow the members of the network that you want. By participating in a particular project or initiative, by its leadership within the organization … And, in addition to people, you can also follow groups and documents.

10- You will receive the notifications that you want , either by SMS or by email and with the frequency that you prefer. And, of course, it has search tools , which can be applied to identities, texts, comments or files.

If all this does not seem enough, we will tell you that you can also use the Office 365 connectors in Yammer. For what? To incorporate content and relevant updates of more than 90 applications and other popular services available from third parties. News, social networks, management tools like Trello, Dynamics 365 …

Yammer is just one piece of everything that Office 365 can offer you. And, you see, its integration with the Microsoft family is already advancing its appeal, ease of use and adoption curve .

Whether you are already a user, but you have not advanced beyond its basic elements, as if you are interested in knowing it for the first time, you have at your disposal to make a demonstration without compromise of its capabilities.

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