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SkyDrive Pro increases storage and collaboration capabilities

082813_1156_SkydrivePro1.png Microsoft has made ​​public on its official blog a number of significant improvements in SkyDrive Pro, that will help users be more productive office 365 and I discussed below:

1 – Increased storage space
Office 365 users will benefit from an increase of 25 Gb storage space compared to 7 Gb offering the service today.

2 – Ability to increase storage for SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online administrators can increase Pro SkyDrive space from the current 25 to 50 Gb or 100 Gb, for users with high storage needs. This additional space will cost € 0.15 per GB per month.

3 – New View
SkyDrive Pro includes a new feature called Share me, a view that you can easily find documents other employees have shared with the user, facilitating collaboration among company employees.

What is SkyDrive Pro?

It is the document storage service in the cloud that companies provide their employees (MySite libraries) plus a client application that provides both local implementations Office 2013 as various plans in Office 365 Cloud version and can connect to both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

With SkyDrive Pro, employees can store, sync and share your files with ease and security.

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