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Preventing leaks of sensitive information with the help of Office 365 – Part V (IRM)

Proteger documentos almacenados en SharePoint- Parte V (IRM) In this last chapter of IRM and Office 365 we will go into detail on how IRM helps companies protect documents stored in SharePoint Online.

With MRI you can restrict what employees can perform on documents to protect and control the spread of sensitive content. For example, if you created a document library to share information about upcoming products with the marketing department of your company, you can use IRM to prevent these users from sharing this content with other company employees.

IRM can be configured to automatically protect certain files stored in SharePoint libraries. When enabled, the files are encrypted so that only authorized people can view them or make them the predefined actions. For example:

  • Prevent people outside the company can open the document, although physically have.

  • Avoid the possibility that employees of our organization to print, make a screenshot of a document, copy or modify it.

  • Prevent an unauthorized user to view the contents if sent by mail after downloading it from the server.

  • Limit the type of files that can be loaded into the library.

  • Restrict access to content for a specified period, after which users must confirm their credentials.

Proteger documentos almacenados en SharePoint- Parte V (IRM)

IRM permissions apply to the entire library, not individual files, helping to ensure consistent levels of protection for a complete set of documents or files. Thus, IRM helps organizations to force corporate policies governing the use and disclosure of confidential information or property.

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