Post5 June, 20131 min de lectura

Material Event of Microsoft and Cloud Softeng

Banner.png In the event of cloud solutions and Microsoft conducted by Softeng last May 31, specialists in Office 365, Azure and Portal Builder, as we found the combination of the three platforms helps companies reduce their infrastructure costs improving productivity and innovation capacity.

Read here the presentations that were shown at the event

In this presentation, Carlos Colell, CEO of Softeng, talked about how the cloud and the applications it offers, helping companies become more competitive.

In this presentation, Ester Nicolas, Office 365 Product Manager at Microsoft, explains the most important changes of the new Office 365 and the benefits it offers businesses.

In this presentation, Jordi Fernandez Softeng Cloud Solutions Manager, talks about strategies for deploying Office 365 organizations and scenarios that have servers in the cloud is the best option.

In this presentation, Imma Squeegee, Social Softeng director, talked about how to get new business opportunities through the web and examples of productivity and autonomy to manage your site with the business web platform for cloud projects, Portal Builder