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It takes advantage of the new SkyDrive Pro

013113_1452_Sacaprovech1.pngIf you know the storage service personal cloud SkyDrive intended for the final consumer, with the version Pro you will feel at home. SkyDrive Pro is the service of storage of documents provided by the organizations to their employees; a client application that is offered both in local implementations of Office 2013 plans in Office 365 Cloud version and which can connect with both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, the new version of the collaboration platform.
SkyDrive Pro allows users to synchronize their working papers of SharePoint and have them offline when they are out of the Office from multiple devices, including mobile cloud and tablets.

Working with documents on SkyDrive Pro is very simple: you can edit, synchronize, share, and collaborate in a simple and intuitive way.

You can open a file in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or One Note directly from the browser.


SkyDrive Pro replaces SharePoint WorkSpace
Previous versions of SharePoint relied on a workspace called WorkSpace, a client application of SharePoint 2010 that enabled synchronization in real-time of the contents of desks with documents and SharePoint lists. Now, the version of SharePoint 2013 depends on SkyDrive Pro that offers greater synchronization of documents. The employees of your company can easily synchronize the contents online and offline with a SharePoint site and benefit from the performance of SharePoint as the co-authoring of documents between users, versioning and workflows.
For those who have used Workspace, the simplicity of the sync with SkyDrive Pro is a breakthrough and one reason to use SharePoint 2013 as a document management system.

Ultimately, SkyDrive Pro is a very complete product that was good of itself in its home version.