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How to expand the infrastructure of your company thanks to the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Extiende tu red con Microsoft Azure Today, companies need solutions that allow them to adapt and react quickly to market changes. Having a flexible IT infrastructure that suits the rhythm of your business is the key and Azure can be a very suitable solution.

However, most companies do not have a scenario in which a reversal of its infrastructure to the cloud is the right thing so Azure offers hybrid solutions. With them you can combine your local infrastructure with new servers and cloud storage, allowing you to extend your local data center when needed and without complexity.

Hybrid solutions: High Availability and cost savings

Hybrid environments grant you the best of both worlds offering a safe, reliable, fast and low cost mechanism.

With these solutions you can:

  • Get scalability, and you can extend your data center (move or create new servers) as needed.
  • Provide better service through high availability of your data.
  • Save on hardware and energy costs.
  • Cost savings in backup solutions.
  • Contingency plans for your local data.
  • Cleanup your local resources to keep information you do not want to upload to the cloud.
  • Working with Azure hosted and hybrid applications that connect to data or services you have in place.
  • Reduce deployment times through simplified management of Azure

Connecting your local network to the cloud?

Secure connection vpn site-to-site
Azure lets you connect your local network to the cloud via a VPN link between your company and Microsoft Azure. Thus, the resources of your local network and located in the cloud communicate directly and transparently, becoming an extension of your network.

There are two types of connections, static that lets you connect your host to Azure and dynamic connection that offers you the ability to connect multiple sites to Azure.

Extiende tu red con Microsoft Azure

Private connection with ExpressRoute
This connection allows companies to connect their data centers Azure directly without using a public Internet connection. Until June this year ExpressRoute additional service is free.

What helps you Softeng?
Softeng we offer a comprehensive cloud strategy customized to your needs and help you manage and securely connect to the corporate network servers your organization you decide to take the cloud.

Additionally, as specialists in the cloud Microsoft, both Office 365 and Azure we offer customized solutions to help you protect your data, servers, services and critical applications.

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