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How the cloud helps us have our legalized software

Cómo la nube nos ayuda a tener nuestros activos legalizados Sometimes, companies do not have their software properly licensed through ignorance or neglect and are not aware that the Spanish legislation considers the use of unlicensed software as a serious infringement.

The final draft amendment of the Criminal Code, recently approved by the Council of Ministers, provides for sentences of up to one year in prison for administrators of companies that make use of unlicensed software correctly.

  Here is a summary of some of the implications of this reform:

  • Direct responsibility of trustees sentences:

  • Up to one year in prison or a fine of 12 to 24 months

  • Disqualification of up to two years for the exercise of industry or commerce

  • Obligation for all companies, regardless of size, to implement compliance programs, such as the legality of its software

  • Obligation to establish organizational and management models that include efficient surveillance and control to crime prevention

  • Obligation to have a disciplinary system that appropriately sanctions the breach of the measures established by the management model and organization.

Besides economic sanctions, companies that use software not licensed are more exposed to critical bugs in their systems and data loss due to risk of containing viruses.

In situations of improper licensing, solve the problem by buying the latest versions of software can be extremely expensive and this is where the cloud can help us, avoiding that investment and legalizing the company automatically.

Furthermore, Softeng we help you boost productivity and saving solutions that facilitate collaboration of all your computer using Office 365 and Azure.

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