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BI Power: Liven up your data with Power Map

Power BI: Da vida a tus datos con Power Map Power tool is BI Business Intelligence (BI) incorporating the Office 365 productivity suite that allows us to automate the generation of analytical information.

BI Power It includes a collection of features that allow you to visualize and generate information from the data, share discoveries and participate in new forms of collaboration with Query Power, Power Map, Power Pivot and Power View.

With this post we continue detailing each of the complements of Business inteligence tool, in this case we talk about Power Map.

Power Map is an add-in for Excel that allows you to visualize and analyze spatial and temporal data in 3D, and create “Tours” interactive.

Map With power you can:

  • Analyze geolocated information: From your data you can create spectacular 3D geographical maps very easily.
  • Make interactive presentations of your data, capturing scenes (tables and graphs) and building “tours” or visual tours with which you will see the evolution of your information geopositioning a timeline and share it with others.

Let’s take an example: Suppose we have data tables with customers from different countries and we want to know from a glance where our product is consumed the most. With Power Map we can quickly integrate that data into a map of the world and choose what type of graph we want to show (columns, heat maps and bubbles).

Power BI: Da vida a tus datos con Power Map

If you want to see in action Power Map and other supplements BI Power, visualize this video:

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