Protection and
monitoring of
data and apps

Visibility and control over cloud applications used by employees

We guide your IT department in how to obtain full visibility and control over the cloud applications (both those allowed and those not allowed) used by your organization’s users, allowing you to establish data access and sharing policies.


Obtains greater control and protection of your critical data, controlling the use of your company’s data through access policies and data sharing.

Stays informed about user activities, traffic and files used in the cloud, as well as cloud activity by user.

Detects unusual behavior in cloud applications to identify ransomware, compromised users, or rogue applications.

< 30

days for implementation of any solution.


cases resolved without the need for referral to Microsoft.

< 1%

average turnover of our team of experts.

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Why choose Softeng?

We have more than 12 years of experience in the Microsoft cloud that endorse us as the specialist ally in maximizing its power, investing more than 2 million euros a year in R&D to offer you our own solutions, so that you advance with security in your business objectives.